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Meet The New Crispy Fried Chicken We’ve Ever Made!
Freshly made with all halal meat and simply seasoned with crispy golden breading and fried in low calories high oleic oil.
As you bring it closer you can smell our unique seasoning the garlic, onion, pepper, and even the smoky paprika.
The first bite is a real stunner. As you dig in, the crust cracks audibly and reveals juicy chicken that is flavorful as the irresistible crust.

You’ll taste the herbs that made that chicken so fragrant and enjoy a mouthful that is equal parts crispy and juicy, pieces of the crispy coating fall away, very delicious juicy fried chicken, with our freshly made home-style sides dishes.
And delicious juicy extra crispy chicken tenders, made with white meat and hot Buffalo wings with real buffalo flavor
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